GRADING RUBRIC (clickable pdf!)

 WordPress e-portfolios (80% of final grade): 

  1. Home: weekly blog posts, 450-600 words (10 on time, 300 words before class on the day assigned)

  2. Glossary page: philosophical terms (20 minimum, 50 maximum)

  3. My Comments page: links to comments you make on other student blogs (two comments a week starting week 4)

  4. About Me page: Introduce yourself.

  5. Final self-assessment: you will email this to me upon completion of your blog.

Your complete final portfolio should be about 6000 words of your best writing. Everything counts toward the final word count.

“A” blogs surpass expectations.

A few examples of complete student portfolios from previous semesters:

Weekly Blog Post Assignment

  2. A minimum of ten are required on time (with a minimum of 300 words) posted to your portfolio before class on the day assigned. 
  3. Final length should be 450-600 words, depending on the number of blogs you include in your portfolio.
  4. No more than one blog a week counts toward your ten on time.
  5. Drafts may be revised as long as the initial post is on time.
  6. Read the assigned pages carefully and choose at least one passage from the reading for analysis. Always cite specific page and/or paragraph number.
  7. Give the word count below each blog entry.


  • At least one short quote, citing the page/paragraph/section of the assigned reading.
  • An explanation of the quote’s meaning in your own words and why it is relevant.
  • An original example or practical application, either in your analysis of the reading or to demonstrate your own view.
  • If there is a blog prompt, be sure to address the prompt.
  • Blogs should be about half pure analysis of the reading and half your own response/critique/evaluation/practical application.

Final blogs without these features are unacceptable.

Weekly Commenting Assignment

  • You must comment on two of your peers’ blog posts EVERY WEEK, starting week 3.
  • You will find links to student blogs divided by class time at the top of the course website.
  • After commenting on another student’s blog, cut and paste that comment, including the date, to the comments page on your own blog.
  • Comments must be polite. You may make suggestions or ask questions, but this is NOT the place for vicious debate. Refer to specific aspects of the blog you are commenting on. Offer your views with respect and generosity of spirit.

Glossary Assignment

  • Keep a glossary of vocabulary words from the reading or lectures.
  • A minimum of 20 words is expected, or about two a week. Maximum is 50.
  • Always cite your sources, either the original reading, lecture, or an online philosophical dictionary. (EX: sapiensnonsum)
  • Divide words by philosopher or topic. (EX: recountedsecrets)

Participation (20% of the final grade):

  • Participation means more than simply talking, but saying intelligent and helpful things that demonstrate your familiarity with the assigned reading. You will be assessed on quality (not mere quantity) of discussion. In-class writing, group projects and informal blog presentations (instructions below) count for participation. These may not be made up outside of class.

Classroom activities count for your participation and are not on the schedule. They cannot be made up for any reason. I take notes on performance during every class. No credit is awarded for your mere presence in the classroom. You may consult me at any time if you are unsure of your performance. I will provide examples and coach you during these activities.



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